Just as the name suggests, Embassy Pristine is about living the good life, yet minimizing your impact on the environment. It is about enjoying the best nature has to offer in terms of unspoiled, serene surroundings. Pristine is truly a haven, blessed with open area on three sides – something that’s practically impossible to find in the city today. Situated on a waterfront, the property overlooks a 1000-acre heritage lake, one of the oldest in Bangalore. On one side it is bordered by densely wooded defense land and enveloped by rolling grasslands on the other. These truly green homes give you an inspiring view of nature.

You can quite forget that you are living in an apartment when you live at Embassy Pristine – it has all the features of an independent home: a private entrance that screens you from the neighbours; plenty of room to live, work, play and entertain; floor to ceiling windows that open onto scenic views; balconies and gardens that express your connection with nature.

Embassy Pristine embraces waterfront living. It has been designed and will be built on the underlying principles of Green buildings for the IGBC Green Homes Gold Certification. It is a place where what the Earth has to offer is replenished and your footprint upon the Earth is gentle. It holds regard for future generations and the environment that they will inherit.

The energy of the sun is harnessed for solar heating, while rainwater is harvested and reused. Floor to ceiling windows minimise the need for artificial lighting while the lighting provided is energy efficient.

It is a home where you can teach your children to be responsible and inculcate a healthy value for the environment, where they can appreciate beauty, and be inspired to think.

So close, yet so far removed

Embassy Pristine is located off the Outer Ring Road, just 3 km from Koramangala, with easy access to educational institutions, shopping malls, hospitals and the main IT corridor. Which minimises your commute to work or school, yet offers you a pleasantly relaxed lifestyle at home.

Relaxation for the whole family ? one of the largest clubs in the city

Measuring close to 72,000 sq.ft, the Club at Embassy Pristine enjoys the distinction of being one of the largest clubhouses in Bangalore. A leisure club with the latest facilities, it maintains standards on par with international clubs. So you and your family can enjoy a host of recreational activities.

An investment that will appreciate

When you invest in an apartment at Embassy Pristine you are assured of an investment that will generate rich returns as the value of property in this prime business district will only escalate. Presently, the demand far exceeds the supply on the Outer Ring Road.

In the future there is going to be an increased demand for green buildings that offer energy efficiency and Embassy Pristine has incorporated these standards into the building design.

The Developer, through Embassy Services, provides property management on an open book-cost plus management fee basis. This ensures that capital and rental values are continuously enhanced over the years.

Green Initiatives

Designed for IGBC Gold certification, the design of Embassy Pristine comprises eco-sensitive features like smart lighting, solar energy applications, rainwater harvesting, water treatment, and more.

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