Why Embassy Maximise?

A one-stop-shop for your property management needs, Embassy Maximise offers each homeowner a dedicated team with a single point of contact.

Our expertise is derived from managing 30 million sq.ft of property and our clients can count on us for end-to-end services. We find and manage high-profile tenants, offer professional advice, help with rental agreements, collections, maintenance, resale and more.

With over 20 residential properties in North Bangalore, including prominent housing and tech parks, we are proud to claim extensive knowledge of the area.

No one else can unlock your home’s true potential the way Embassy Maximise can.

Scope of services
Account, risk and property management
  • Manages invoicing, collection, and payments related to your property.
  • Takes care of taxes, statutory assessments, and all your risk management needs.
Leasing, renting,
tenancy identification & management

  • Finds you the right tenants using our extensive network of high-profile connections.
  • Takes care of any tenancy management needs.
negotiation and signing
  • Handles site visits by
    prospective tenants.
  • Manages negotiation and signing of contracts.

Interior design
  • Supervises the execution of any changes that you may want to make to your home.
  • Handles invoicing and collection related to it.


  • Creates a promotion and marketing strategy that’s perfect for you.
  • Promotes your property through our vast array of existing contacts.

  • Helps you resell your home.
  • Makes sure you get high returns.
Vendor management & utility services
  • Handles utility maintenance and repair on a daily basis.
  • Coordinates with vendors and oversees any work the owner has pre-approved.

Embassy Maximise will help turn your address into a high-performing asset.